Guided tours

Guided tours


Every city is unique and inimitable and has its own atmosphere, lifestyle, architectural heritage, traditions and even mentality.

Kazan is specific also.

Kazan is a real symbol of modern world union. Having 1000-year history of different nationalities and religions living together, Kazan keeps its national principles and language and shows tolerant attitude to everything new and modern at the same time.

You can find a lot of things to see and admire here. Modern European buildings stand next to historical objects and places which are safeguarded by UNESCO and considered to be common heritage. You can oversee the way in which fantastic azure mosque minarets look at cathedral cupola sparkled in the sun, leisure and steady back streets follow wide avenues, parklands and illuminated fountains lead you to one of the best Russian theatres.

Bring home lively emotions, bright pictures, new impressions and knowledge of Tatarstan and Russia. Leave to come back soon!