Wyndham Green program is based on the Company's vision and core values, of enhancing customer's lives by improving the environment, supporting global and local communities, and developing sustainable programs that
deliver economic benefits.

Wyndham Green is not just about one or many green programs – it's way of living and working of based on our visions and values. At Wyndham Worldwide we understand that our business activities impact the earth, our resources and people's lives.

The Hotel has constant ecologic committee, which gathers monthly to organize waste load reduction, discuss resources saving and choose Wyndham Green Champion.

We are absolutely happy that our guests help us lending a hand to families with sick kids that are treated in the Republic Clinical  Hospital in Kazan.

We are sure that we can do everything to let kids and their parents feel homey during treatment and forget about diseases and pain.

Together we can make the world a little bit more generous and big-hearted!

We are proud of our employees who regularly donate blood at the blood donor center.

These people save someone's lives, return relatives  and bring hope of recover and new life.